How To Get Your Engagement Ring Through Airport Security

November 15, 2017

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Hi Sweethearts! Alright – this one’s for you guys! You got the ring. You planned a trip to your dream destination wedding proposal location. And now you’re ready to propose. But wait… how do you get the ring through airport security without blowing your cover? This is a very common question with our clients. Keep on reading as we guide you through logistics so you can focus on your dream destination proposal!

How to Pack the Engagement Ring

Keep the ring safe by having it in maximum cushioning. We suggest leaving it in a plain box, that provides the ring support and security from moving around and potentially getting lost. Our favourite spot to hide it is in the floss container. I mean, have you ever looked inside there? Your Sweetheart won’t suspect anything. Plus it’s a great item to always have on you! 

Keep Calm & Carry-On

To minimize ruining the surprise, pack the ring in your carry-on versus checked bag to avoid the risk of losing it. Just think – how many luggage get lost every day?! Following all TSA security rules to a tee is the best way to stay low key – because that means the less chance you’ll get pulled aside for inspection. If you do get flagged, ask for a private inspection. Avoid stashing the ring with anything that might potentially trigger the metal detectors like toiletries or electronics. And if you’re worried about TSA blowing your cover, leave a discreet note, letting them know what’s special inside (fingers crossed they’ll keep it a secret!) 

And if all else fails….

Propose With a Fake Ring

A fake ring?! Why would I propose with a fake ring, you say? Well, proposing with a fake ring can actually turn out to be a lifesaver when you’re out of the country. Don’t get us wrong – we totally still suggest going for the real thing for your engagement but with a fake one in hand, you don’t have to worry about losing the engagement ring of her dreams (which you could totally design together after the proposal!)

If you’re looking to propose in Vancouver as your wedding proposal destination, we would love to help you plan out your vision for the perfect engagement! Just click here to get in touch.

Happy traveling and happy planning, sweethearts! 🙂

Photo Credit: Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo Akisawa