How to Hint That You’re Ready for a Proposal

October 11, 2017

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Yay! Congrats! You’re in love, you’ve found your soulmate and you’re ready to start planning your dream wedding… but one problem: he hasn’t said those four little words yet. As much as we’d like to assume our sweethearts are mind readers and can pick up on all our signals that we’re ready for an engagement – sometimes that’s just not the case. So how do you let your significant other know you’re ready for them to pop the question? Keep reading to find out below!

1. Be open, communicate and have an honest conversation

It’s been said before, “honesty is the best policy” – but seriously, it’s so true. We get it, sometimes generating a conversation about marriage can be a toughie, especially if you’re unsure where he stands. But really, it’s something that can be done without the use of mind games or ultimatums. Be honest and have a conversation: tell him you’re ready to commit, you’re ready to take on the world with him and what you envision your future looks like together. Whether that be raising a hundred puppies together (one of our favorite dreams!) or traveling the world hand-in-hand – be clear that you want to spend the rest of your life loving each other and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

2. Share an inspiration board of rings and proposal ideas on your desktop

Yes, this one is a little more obvious but sometimes we got to cut some slack for our men! Creating easy findings will ultimately help them out by giving them insight into what you like. We love using platforms like Pinterest as it uses amazing visuals he can refer to.

3. Have your ring size known and give it to your bestie

Getting family and your closest friends involved in knowing the details about your dream proposal can totally be helpful. Whether that’s your best friend, sister, mom –  letting them in on specifics like your ring size or what kind of ring you would love is a step to success for your future fiancé. For more secrets and tips, click here.

4. Design the ring together

This is perfect for a bride-to-be with a modern personality. If you aren’t too into surprises but still want a custom, one-of-a-kind ring, designing one together could ease the pressure off your boyfriend. But make sure he has his say too – include him in the process and ask him what he thinks about certain elements and incorporate his suggestions into the overall design, so a little bit of both your personalities are represented. Need a little bit of help to get started? Check out this guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring. And if you need more support, we’ve got some amazing friends in the industry we would love to introduce you to!

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Happy Planning!