SHE Planning 101: Decoding Full-Service & Month of Wedding Planners- Which is Better for You?

October 14, 2019

Ask the Expert

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One of the most frequent questions we get is: what is the difference between a full-service wedding planner and a month/day of coordinator?

In today’s industry, we realize it can get a little confusing on what those titles mean. We want to educate you on the differences between hiring a full wedding planner versus a month/day of coordinator. It’s important to know the differences between the services and roles when it comes to any sort of production, management, planning or coordination to ensure you’re getting the services you want and need – especially because it’ll lead to a financial investment. Keep reading below to see our break down 🙂


Hiring a full-service wedding planner is ideal if you’re a time-strapped couple who wants to let a pro handle all the tiny and not-so-tiny details from “Yes” to “I Do”. With a wedding planner by your side, you can guarantee your special day to be flawlessly executed and everything you and your sweetheart could ever desire. We are here to be your ultimate support system every step of the way throughout your planning process. From regular meetings and check-ins to detailed budgets and essential planning tools to endless vendor recommendations – the list goes on.

There is not much that a full-service wedding planner does not have a hand in but note that every planner is different. It’s important to really educate yourself on every planner’s company culture and find the planners that share the similar values and expectations to ensure your wedding day needs are met and fulfilled. Our approach is collaborative so feel free to be as involved as you want to be. No hard feelings if you only want your hand in the fun details. We get it! 


You’ve probably heard of a “day of coordinator” before but here at SHE, we like to call this position a “month of coordinator” and here’s why.

Hiring a month of coordinator is ideal if you’ve already planned your perfect day but you’d love some extra support the day of, so you can just let your hair down, throw off your shoes and bust a move on the dance floor with your guests.

at least a month ( we start 8 weeks prior) before the event to get caught up to speed on everything that’s been done, as well as prepare a plan for the wedding, and get to know all key players involved. Many coordinators call this service ‘month of coordination’ which is more appropriate but I believe this is actually what ‘day of coordinating’ encompasses; at least a month of work leading up to the wedding day.

Investment: We can’t share what other companies charge but please note that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!  When hiring the SHE team, we’ll customize to what you need with rates starting at $2150 +

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