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May 18, 2018

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Let me guess… you’ve found your sweetheart, you’re ready to pop the question, and you’re searching for the next step, thinking “now what?” We might’ve popped up in your search engine so we want to take the time to say hi, welcome to the SHE family and we hope you like what you’re seeing so far.

We know you may have a million questions going through your head about planning the perfect proposal for your partner so to save you some time, we’ve answered our most frequent proposal planning questions below!

What is a Proposal Planner?

proposal planner is someone that is passionate about a good love story and the details that lead up to the big question. They will take your ideas and bring them to life or collaborate with you to create the wow factor and handle all of the planning and tedious tasks leading up to Will You Marry Me.

Why should I hire a proposal planner?

You have enough on your plate already with keeping this secret than to find the time to think about the logistics involved. While the internet is a great resource for engagement ideas with DIY plans, we offer more than just that. We are your secret keepers, your creative outlet to share ideas with, your personal shoppers to make sure no detail has been forgotten and the one that will make sure a photographer is behind the scenes capturing every moment allowing you to sit back, relax and embrace this incredible moment with your sweetheart. Remember this is not just for her but for you both. This is important to you and we aren’t here to take over but to assist you from beginning to end as your behind the scenes executors.

Do I need to hire a professional photographer?

Not having a professional photographer capturing the moment, has been one of the biggest regrets for our past couples. While you can capture the moment with an iPhone, you miss out on the opportunity to have a photographer with the eye for detail and much experience in a celebration like this – which is why we highly recommend having a photographer on board. Click here to read more about why we’re such a fan of hiring a professional photographer!

Who hires a proposal planner?

Busy professionals. People traveling coming to Vancouver. Someone who wants to fully enjoy their experience and allows the planner to handle the logistics of the day!

What can I expect for the process?

The process begins with a questionnaire to fully get to know you, your sweetheart and your vision. We will have a complimentary consultation to discuss our services and to further get to know each other. If we are the planner for you and decide to move forward, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin the process. While working together we will communicate through email to discuss location, photographer, overall design and aesthetics, and the overall flow of the day. We will send you a detailed timeline and if time allows, will meet you beforehand to walk you through (like a proposal dress rehearsal!)

How much does it cost and what kind of budget do I need to have? 

Our proposal services begin at $1,500. The majority of our clients budget are $2,500 to $3,000 for a proposal.

But what if I only want a “simple” marriage proposal….

Although, “simple” may scream in someone’s head as “less money”… it can actually still rack up in dollars. Our personalized proposal planning approach is simple but elaborate in personalized details. We focus on West Coast backdrops and elements of your love story, to highlight that special moment. Please note we can do more luxurious proposals, but this is our personal aesthetic and generally what our clients ask of us.

Proposal on a budget

We totally get it! You’ve already bought an engagement ring and may not have much of a budget left for the execution of the proposal itself. Let us not forget that you also have a wedding to pay for after your sweetheart says yes. While the majority of our clients will budget between $2,500 – $3,000 for their proposal, we have a great solution that is still personalized and everything you would ever need. Introducing: Proposal In a Box!

Can we assist in finding the ring?

We would love to! We have great relationships with local jewelers that cater to all styles and budgets.

I’m planning a destination proposal in Vancouver, what do I need to know beforehand?

80% of our clientele don’t live local to Vancouver and have instead traveled across the globe, choosing Vancouver as their proposal destination. We understand that you may not have family or friends in town available to execute your vision, therefore, our services are greatly valued. If you’re traveling with the ring, click here to read our best tips and tricks on how to get your ring through airport security!

How much time do you need to plan and execute a proposal? 

We’ve done them as quick as 48 hours and as long as, almost a year in advance! Our preference is for you to contact us with one month’s notice. 

Where do I go from here?

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation! We look forward to speaking with you!

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