What’s Your Bride Personality & Why It Matters?

September 7, 2017

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Before the run-up to your wedding day actually starts, it might be hardly possible to tell which type of bride personality you refer to. But as soon as you hear that special question and say ‘yes’, your daily routine turns into a pre-wedding routine. And that’s when your bride personality begins to appear.

There is no consensus regarding what exactly affects women’s bride personality and makes different women behave in different ways. Some experts claim that our bride personality type is always linked to our moon phase personality type. Others say it’s all about our psychological portrait. Some others state it’s our zodiac sign what makes us refer to one bride personality type or the other. Whoever is closer to the truth, one thing remains exceptionally clear: bride personality types do exist and learning about them can help you better understand yourself – and your wedding-related wants and needs in particular.

The Princess

Here’s the truth. At a certain point in our life, almost each and every girl goes through this princess-like stage. Pink and nude colors, fancy dress, sweet perfumes, you name it. However, most of the girls outgrow this stage at the age of 16 or some years earlier. Those who don’t, however, turn into the princess type of bride one day. What does this bride type most famous for? A castle-like venue, lots of flowers and glitter, and sweet pop song for the first dance of the bride and the groom.

The DIY Bride

This type of bride has become increasingly common in the last few years. Brides of this type tend to start their wedding preparations well in advance and spend hours searing DIY wedding ideas on Pinterest and wedding magazines. What’s important is that DIY brides do not choose such an approach for the sake of saving money. They actually enjoy creating handmade wedding invitations, craft decor, and even paper pom-poms. Wonder what does this bride type is most known for? The DIY bride tends to gather a wedding army of girlfriends around and ask them to help out.

The Anti-Bride

This type of bride is not really common, but it surely deserves to be put on the list. The anti-bride refuses to have anything a normal bride would like to have. And this means no white dress (and sometimes no dress at all), no flower decor, no traditional ceremony and popular wedding traditions. The principle of the anti-bride is to go against all the classic wedding conventions and make sure everyone knows she is not into all these bride things.

The Last-Minute Bride 

Yet another bride type that is worth being mentioned is the last-minute bride. Unlike the princess bride who has her wedding concept and all the details planned well in advance, this one is just the opposite. She doesn’t feel like reading wedding magazines, attending wedding workshops, or even dress hunting. She saves a lot of time skipping all these early preparation stages but spends all the saved minutes on explaining to people that she’ll sort things later. What’s most surprising is that the last-minute brides tend to have amazing weddings anyway. Last-minute decisions are not necessarily the bad decisions.

The Funny Bride 

This bride personality is one of my personal favorites. The Funny Bride considers her wedding day as yet another party with friends drinking champagne and girls dancing themselves to exhaustion. What makes the funny bride so cool is that her wedding tends to contain an emotional ceremony, lots of entertainment and activities for guests, as well as the relaxing atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and happy. The funny bride might sometimes go too far by paying too much attention (and spending too much money) on entertainment, but it is always worth it.

For the Finals

It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in all this bride personality theory, you’ll surely agree that the above-mention bride types do exist. Which one do you think is yours?

Guest post written by Shannon Lochwood

Photo credit: Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography