Five SECRET ways to find out her ring size

January 21, 2016

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Congratulations! You’ve found her, your sweetheart you want to share your life with and the proposal planning has begun. We are so excited for you! As expert Proposal Planners we work with men from the very beginning to offer advice in all aspects of the Proposal which often includes the ring shopping and diamond advice. One question that we get asked quite frequently is,

“How do I find out my girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing?”

Don’t you worry! We’ve got five ways you can SECRETLY find out your girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing:

1.Ask someone:

Ask a family member or friend. We often know our friend’s ring sizes because we borrow/try on jewelry all the time. Although I personally don’t know my sister’s or best friend’s exact ring size I have a pretty good guess. That being said I am always good at making up an excuse to go and get their ring finger sized or start the ring shopping experience with them to figure out what they want. Guys, us girls do this for fun all the time! Make note that this person you speak with must be a tight lipped accomplise and will not spill the secret of you proposing. After all we want it to be a surprise.

2. Borrow one of her rings:

The answer to your question is in her jewelry box. Borrow one of her rings but make sure not to borrow one that has sentimental meaning or one that she wears everyday. Note this is risky as we don’t want alarm bells going off and having her concerned she lost her favourite ring. If you are nervous and feel you can’t be trusted with one of her rings then measure one by taking a mold of it in playdoh or molding clay or even drawing a circle on the inside and outside of the band. Most jewelers can figure out an approximate size based on your drawing. Be sure to choose a ring she wears often and on her left hand for more accurate sizing.

3. Buy her a ring:

This one never fails. Before the proposal, perhaps on a special occasion, purchase an inexpensive ring (we love the beautiful rings at local Vancouver based Jeweler Foe and Dear!) and have her try it on. You will then be able to find out her ring size while winning major boyfriend points on the gift. Don’t have the wiggle room in the budget for more? You also have the option of going into local stores that carry a small inventory of jewelry such as Brix & Mortar Living, The Cross or Blue Ruby. Suggest she trys on a few pieces including rings because you want to know what to get her for an upcoming birthday. She will never know you’re “ring size shopping”!

4. Let’s cut to the chase:

Ask her! If you’ve talked about marriage then be straightforward and ask her what her ring size is or better yet what design she has her heart set on. It is still a surprise because she has no idea when the proposal will happen.

5. Propose with a Fake Ring:

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting buying a fake ring but head on over to this post we did a while back for some great alternatives and options if you are unable to get her ring size. We love the last point!

5 Times to Propose with a Fake Ring

Keep in Mind:

The most accurate ways to get your girlfriend’s ring size is to have her measured by a jeweller. The above ways I’ve mentioned are only approximation and there is high risk of it being slightly off.

Also many men choose to go the custom route. We LOVE that idea and we have great recommendations we can’t wait to share with you! Keep in mind that custom pieces are usually final sale and some designs and diamond settings cannot be resized after it is complete. Speak with your jeweller and ask their advice on the design and confirm that you can resize the ring if it isn’t the perfect fit before moving forward with the final design.

If you are needing some proposal planning advice or just have a burning question on your mind please contact us. We would LOVE to work with you to create an incredible moment for you and your sweetheart! Not in Vancouver? Not a problem; we work with clients from all over!

Happy planning!

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