100% credit towards our planning packages!*

Is this how you're feeling right now?

- You've just started planning your day and you're completely unsure of how and where to begin with all budget related items?

- You're spending hours, you don't have, researching vendors and blogs with no results?

- You've got the venue date on hold but want to see the full budget breakdown of what to expect before making it official. 

 - You might feel unsure this wedding can even happen for the budget you're able to spend?

Let's create that realistic wedding budget that gets you your dream wedding! 

Wedding Budget Success

You're the couple planning your best day but you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the reality of costs associated with your wedding. 

Imagine all the benefits of a planner without the price tag and getting the initial guidance you need to be set up for success! 

- You will answer a few questions to begin. This is a great starting point to efficiently take us through our 90 mins together.
- We will meet virtually to create your realistic wedding budget, answer budget saving questions and perhaps discuss great vendors you can consider that would compliment your vision and budget. 
- You leave with a budget spreadsheet for success and the confidence to continue wedding planning. 
- *Save even more money by using this investment as a 100% credit towards a partial or full planning package with Sweetheart Events after. 

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What to expect:

Hey, I'm Stephanie

Your Wedding Budget Expert

I love educating and sharing my knowledge about this amazing industry I work in and I get a kick out of troubleshooting ways to repurpose and bring more value into the investment you're making for one day.

That's why I created this course to help YOU succeed. With the frustration of inflation and rising costs surrounding planning your best day, I have navigated hundreds of budgets and the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with them. Am I right? Online blogs are overwhelming and sourcing the "wrong" vendors are only wasting your time and money. Who has the time for that anyway?!


In this course you will meet with me personally to create a realistic budget for your wedding and feel the comfort and confidence knowing your next planning steps. 

When can we start?

"I met with Stephanie from Sweetheart Events for a guidance meeting as I was in the early stages of planning my own wedding. I cannot say enough good things about her! She provided me with invaluable information and guided me in the right direction on so many decisions I was making. She is bubbly, fun, and has your best interest in heart."
- Lisa

"Stephanie kept us on track and organized, she saved us from making costly mistakes and helped shape the vision of our wedding from top to bottom."
- Hans + Natalie

"We didn't know where to start when it came to planning our wedding or what was considered reasonable in terms of costs and terms for the whole wedding shebang which was extremely frustrating and overwhelming...Stephanie provided invaluable vendor recommendations to meet our vision and our budget...The bottom line is that hiring Sweetheart Events ... was the smartest wedding decision that we made."
- Anne

An email follow up with additional notes, your budget spreadsheet and any additional information we discussed will land in your inbox shortly after our call. You will be set up for success and ready to continue planning! 

Budget Success!


We will meet for a 90 minute session where together we will create your wedding budget realistic to your vision and answer any questions you have. You will leave with a budget, cost saving tips and a feeling of relief and calm.

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Click the Work with Stephanie button below and follow the prompts via calendly. Schedule your zoom call, answer the questions, pay in full and get ready for a lot of money saving fun! 

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